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Architecture, Virtualization, Automation, Security
Providing Hardware engineering, Certified IT Security, Evaluation, Implementation and Governance services including:

  - Hardware Implementation and Consulting
  - Highspeed PCB design and assembly
  - Prototyping; Electronic Test setup design and development

  - Public Cloud Integration

  - Single sign-on, Federated Identity Management for Hybrid Clouds
  - PKI Infrastructure Architecture
  - Security Assessment integration of iPad,iPhone, Android Phones and Tablets in enterprise infrastructure
  - Integration of smart card solutions

  - Privacy controlling and auditing software while deploying oAuth
  - Accountability, Evidence preservation and fraud elimination solutions
  - PCI/DSS Compliancy control and assessment of  security applications
  - Fraud proof procurement for public and private organizations
  - Performance measuring of firewalls and IDS implementations using correlation and Cognos based business intelligence approaches
  - Enforcing IT policies on new smart phone and pads integrated in the enterprise 

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